Lights out at lunch

Yesterday my office was closed for Veterans Day.  A large percentage of employees took today off as well to make it a 4 day weekend.  The above picture is what the lunch room looked like today....lots of empty chairs.  It was just me and my book for 60 minutes of uninterrupted silence!  (It's amazing how I never noticed the oh so cool pattern on the floor until I took this picture)

When I first started here and was told I would be getting a 60 minute lunch break I panicked and wondered what I would do with a full hour.  Now I enjoy every last minute of it.  This is my quiet time where I read or write and block out the rest of the world.  I purposefully sit facing the windows so that no one can sit across from me and so that I have no distractions in front of me.  Unless it is window cleaning day the only thing I see is the Kansas City skyline.  For some people their lunch break is their social time, and I respect that.  I have become a master at blocking out the chatter in the background and focusing completely on my book.  

Walking into the lunch room and finding out that I had it completely to myself was a very sweet moment today! 


  1. I had a job one time where I was, for the most part, the only one who ever used the lunch room. Everyone else either went out to eat or ate at their desk. Since I knew I would be the only one, I got into the habbit of turning the lights off in the half of the room I would be in. There would still be enough light from the other side that I could see what I was doing and so that if anyone came in to use the microwave they could see as well, but little enough light that it helped me to relax a little more on my luch break.


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