Wedding Rings

My wedding ring set is from Wal-Mart and cost around $500 total for the 2 rings.  If you look closely you can see that last diamond on the wedding band is missing.  It has been missing for over a year now, but since it is the the very last diamond I am not worried about it.  No one has ever noticed it is missing unless I tell them and it doesn't bother me enough to get it replaced right now.  There are more important things I need to spend my money on. Someday we may be able to afford a bigger, shinier ring and I would like to say that I don't want one, but I like big shiny rings and would probably take one if it was offered to me.  I would just wear the new ring on my right hand!

November is National Blog Posting Month and although I am fairly new to blogging I have accepted the NaBloPoMo challenge to write one new blog post every day for the whole month.  There are suggested topics (although not required) to get my mind thinking.  I do not plan on sticking to the suggested topic every day, but I am intrigued by the challenge of finding a sweet moment to match the topic of the day whenever I can.  In case you haven't already guessed, today's daily suggestion was to write about a piece of jewelry you own. 

No amount of money can buy a ring that would be able to replace my wedding rings.  Troy and I (yes, together) saved every $1 bill that entered our lives for several months in order to buy an engagement ring.  We agreed that neither one of us would spend any $1 bills and they would automatically be put into our savings jar.  When I look at my wedding rings (with the missing diamond) I smile thinking about how dedicated we were to saving up enough money to buy a ring so that Troy could propose and we could start planning our wedding and we would finally be husband and wife.

I cleaned my rings today and smiled like it was my wedding day as I thought about Troy paying for my engagement ring in $1 bills.  I wonder what the cashier was thinking?


  1. Ah, that's so sweet! I didn't know he paid for it in one dollar bills :) You guys are the BEST!


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