Perfume Lady

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Every day I get on the service elevator at 4:15 and ride it up to the 17th floor for my last rounds of the day.  Every day at 4:15 the normal scent of the cold dirty elevator metal has been replaced by the smell of someones perfume.  Every day I spend my elevator ride wondering what the mysterious perfume lady looks like.  Every day I wonder if she is going home to someone that she is in a fairly new relationship with, or if she still puts on perfume at the end of the day for the man she has been married to for 40 years. 

One of the great things about marriage is knowing that even on that day when you haven't brushed your teeth - or your hair, a warm shower is only a dream, and getting out of your pj's is just out of the question, you know that your spouse is still going to be there.  When I'm sick and my nose is red and my lips are beyond chapped and my eyes won't stop watering I know that Troy will still let me lay my head on his chest and he will wrap his arms around me and kiss my forehead like I am still the beautiful bride he saw on our wedding day.  He sees the beauty in me when the rest of the world would have a hard time finding it.

Every day at 4:15, when I spend my elevator ride thinking about the perfume lady and I imagine she is going to home to her husband of many years and that they are still crazy in love.  I imagine that although he has seen her at her worst, when he thinks back on their time together he remembers the smell of her perfume.  Every day at 4:15 I get on an elevator and wonder if someday, someone will smell my perfume and daydream about where I am going that requires me to smell so nice.  In my daydreams the perfume lady is going home to see her husband, and that alone is a big enough reason to pull out the perfume and make sure she smells nice.