Mike & Molly - A Fairy Tale in the Making

I am feeling better, much better, but still recovering.  Today I have watched a lot of tv and taken a couple of naps.  We DVR way too many shows during the week.  For the most part we agree on what to watch, but there are some shows that are more for me and some shows that are more for Troy.  Mike and Molly is a favorite for both of us.  It's like a romantic comedy sitcom and we can't get enough of it.  When the show comes to an end I am left craving more and can't believe I have to wait a whole week for another episode.  I know it is not a deep thought provoking kind of show, but it sure makes me happy!  Mike and Molly put a big smile on my face today and made me laugh many times (even though it was a whispered laugh since I have no voice at the moment). 

Nothing like a good laugh and little dose of romance to make you feel better.  Maybe I can talk Troy into watching a romantic comedy with me tonight and making it an all around chick flick kind of day!  I'm thinking Sex and the City...