Mya's new toy

Troy and I are the world's worst dog trainers.  Mya is 3 years old and we are still trying to figure out how to stop the way too frequent "accidents".  We can say down, sit, and stay all we want but Mya acts like she doesn't hear us.  I keep a glass of water on my nightstand and Troy tells me that as soon as I get out of bed Mya gets herself a drink of water out of my glass. In fact she will help herself to any glass of water that is left unattended for very long.  This evening Mya helped herself to a tater tot right off of Troy's plate as he was eating dinner (she only does that to him because she knows he is a sucker and will let her).  Every single morning I have a silent argument with her because she doesn't want to go outside and I insist that she's a stare down, a little begging (by me), some reverse psychology, and even a little bribing to get her out that door.  We do not have a future in dog training!  Our house is full of love...the rules we are still working on. 

This evening we discovered that Mya knows the word toy.  "Get your toy" actually sent her running across the room and she brought her toy to us for some playtime.  We tested this over and over just to make sure it wasn't a coincidence the first, second...or third time. 

Doggy accidents on the carpet suck and eating dinner off of Troy's plate is annoying, but discovering that we have one word we all understand is priceless!  We will work on convincing her that she is supposed to drink water out of her dog dish another day.  Today we are celebrating the word toy!