Grey's Window Treatments

This afternoon we put plastic on all of our windows so that we will hopefully be a little more successful in keeping the cold air outside this year.  It felt like we were on Grey's Anatomy as we worked away.  Troy was like the intern (a smokin' hot intern) and I was like the master surgeon (I'm kind of like the Chief). 

Troy prepped the area for surgery.  He moved furniture out of the way, took down the curtains, and used an alcohol wipe to sterilize the surface.

I was the surgeon who came in and skillfully cut the appropriate amount of plastic and adhered it ever so carefully with the double sided tape. 

As I moved on to my next patient Troy would sweep back in and put the room back together again.

Surgery or plastic on a window, it's always easier when you work as a team.  I heard there is a chance that Mother Nature will bring us some snow flakes on Monday and to her I say "Bring It On!"