Today is for sharing

I was recently contacted by Pam at Present Magazine and asked if she could repost my blog about 3GC on her website.  (Read it here)  Someone I don't even know thinks my blog is worth sharing?  The answer is, of course, YES!  Thank you to Pam and Michael at Present Magazine, and thank you to each one of you that has shared my blog with someone you know. 

In the spirit of sharing, here are some of my favorite websites to share with you.
  • We Heart It is a collection of photos from all over the web.  I could spend hours looking at all the pictures and saving my favorites.  Imgfave is a similar website I use as well. 
  • Makes Me Think is full of short (2-3 sentences) stories that "make me think" 
  • I recently read 70 Things to do Before Having Children and realized that if we lived by this list there would be very few children in the world
  • The Nest is a fun website by the same people as The Knot.  This one is aimed at married couples and has articles on just about everything you can imagine you would need to know when starting your life out together. 
  • 1000 Awesome Things always makes me smile :)


  1. In reference to "70 things to do before having children", I looked them over... I only did #37 and 61 before having children. And in all honesty I've still only done those two things 31 years after having children. Good thing I never saw the list before children or I would never have had 5 fantastic kids, including YOU :-)
    love ya, MOM


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