Laundry Day

I don't know how two people can produce this much laundry in a week.  Neither one of us enjoy doing laundry, and the worst part is folding it and putting it away.  It is usually a battle to see who will draw the short straw and have to do the dirty deed of folding laundry.  I washed everything today and threw into a huge pile in the media room.  I am ashamed to admit that we hate folding clothes so much that it is way too common for us to still be digging through this massive pile of cotton and poly blend throughout the week because we haven't been up the battle of folding the perfectly clean clothes. 

Today's sweet moment was walking by the media room and seeing that Troy was attacking the mound of clothes as he watched the football game.  He has is own method of folding clothes that is unlike anyone else's I have seen.  Perhaps it was the years of working retail that trained me to fold a shirt into perfect thirds with my eyes clothes, but Troy does not have this skill.  I couldn't care less!

Thank you for taking care of the massive pile of quickly wrinkling clothes!  Tonight I will make taco's just for you!