I buy the cheaper version of Vaseline

I have a crazy fondness for Vaseline.  It is my all time favorite beauty product.  It’s cheap and a large jar of it will last at least a year.  Each one of my other must have beauty products cost significantly more and don’t last anywhere near as long.  A cheap product that works!

I love the simplicity of a jar of Vaseline.  There is no long list of fancy ingredients I can’t pronounce.  You don’t have to wait for the annual sale at the big department store before you can splurge and buy it.  This is not the latest must have product that all the Hollywood stars are using.  It was discovered in the mid 1800's which means that it wasn't even a fancy new product to my grandparents.  This is a tried and true mix of waxy oil that will always have a place in my home. 

The season of dry itchy skin has hit us here in the midwest and to top it off I have been taking cold medicine for the past week, which has dried up my skin even more.  My love for the gooey mixture has been at the front and center of my mind recently (as well as a new love for the hydrating powers of Gatorade). 

This website has a great list of 50 ways to use Vaseline.  There are some new ways to use the product that I had not thought of before, like chocolate flavored lip gloss, or to give a quick shine to your shoes!  I mostly use it on my lips, giving them an extra heavy application right before bed time.  It soothes chapped lips better than anything else I've tried.  I slather it on my feet, sleep in socks, and wake up to remarkably softer feet.  My cuticles get a Vaseline massage every so often.  I've used it to keep my skin from peeling after a sunburn, and to revitalize the dry patches I sometimes get on my face. 

  • Vaseline will not freeze
  • Vaseline went on the market in 1870 and by 1880 practically every home in America had a jar of it
  • Vaseline was used during the first World War to prevent sunburn
  • Vaseline is a mixture of oil and wax
Vaseline doesn't come in fun scents.  There is no glitter mixed in to give your skin a little sparkle.  It's simple, yet does so much.  It moisturizes dry skin, helps burns and cuts heal faster, keeps your jack-o-lantern lasting a little longer, and supposedly helps you grow longer, stronger eye lashes.  There are a lot of Vaseline products in the store.  You can find Vaseline lotions, deodorants, and lip balms, but for me I like the good old fashioned jar you find in the first aid section.  Sometimes simpler really is better.


  1. When ever my hands get really dry in the winter I like to put some on them then put some gloves on and go to bed. My hands would feel so much better in the morning.

  2. I think I'm going to add this miracle item to my grocery list this week.


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