A tale of 2 wish list's

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Nika and Shawnie are twins....age 5?

Me: Shawnie, what do you want for Christmas?
Shawnie: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
Me: Everything???  Tell me one thing you want the most. 
Shawnie: I can't, because I want EVERYTHING!
Me: Do you want a Barbie?
Shawnie: NO! I want everything, but not a Barbie!

The conversation with Shawnie is a lead into the more important conversation with Nika, because I have drawn her name for Christmas and need to find out what she wants.

Me: Nika, what do you want for Christmas?
Nika: A puppy!!!!!!
Me: ...........................a puppy? ......................what else do you want? 
Nika:  Ummm, probably gum. 

Dad gave me some good advice as I retold this story to him.  It's probably better if I don't tell Nika's parents that she wants me to buy her a puppy.  They will be just as surprised as Nika when she opens up her gift.  I wonder if they will become suspicious when the box has air holes and wiggles around on the floor? 

Perhaps I better stick to the original plan and find her something pink (and not living)...with a side of gum.