Playing Pretend

Brylly's Christmas Present (shhhh...don't tell)

Remember playing with plastic fruit when you were a kid?  I bought this basket full of groceries for Brylly's Christmas present today (one present done!) and I'm very excited about it.  Kids love to play pretend.  They will bring you same plastic banana over and over and giggle with glee each time you dramatically pretend to take a bite out of it and make "mmmm" sounds.  The tomato soup can even says "YUMMY" on it, so you will be sure to use the correct adjective when pretending to gulp it up.  Throw in a couple of tummy rubs with those lip smacking good sounds you are making and before you know it you will have been force fed everything in that basket at least twice!  It's important to have a good imagination no matter what age you are, and we all started off early in life when an adult pretended that the plastic chicken leg was the best tasting chicken leg they had ever eaten. 

How did I use my imagination today? 
  • I pretended it was summer and opened the sun roof on my car
  • I pretended I was a 7 year old girl and picked out all the best girly things at the store for a birthday present
  • I pretended that I enjoyed staring at the ceiling at the dentist office and used my waiting time to think of things I had be thankful for today
Have fun practicing your own pretending skills!


  1. When I am home alone making dinner, I pretend that I am the host of my very own cooking show. It makes whatever I cook taste ten times better. The only thing missing is that magic oven where I put my dish in, and pull out a second one all ready to be eaten.

  2. That is an awsesome pretend story!!!!


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