Good Luck Kate

Playing dress up!

Sometimes when I eat cupcakes I lick the extra frosting off the bag.  That would not be considered appropriate etiquette if I was a princess.

I have never had much interest in William or Harry, the Queen, or even Princess Diana.  It just wasn't my thing...until William proposed to Kate.  Now I read and watch everything I can about the newly engaged royal couple.  Kate Middleton is about to fulfill every little girls wish of becoming a princess and I'm all over the news stories like ducks on a June bug!

Someday she will have a crown (or tiara?) to wear on her head and more diamonds, rubies, and sapphires than any girl really needs.  Designers will make clothes just for her and she will have a new fancy dress for every big (and not so big) occasion in her life.  She will pass out toys to the children at orphanages and smile with over sized scissors at ribbon cutting ceremonies.  Little girls will look up to her and think she is the most beautiful princess ever.

Kate will be spending the next several months planning her wedding with the very best wedding planner, florist, dress maker, and cake decorator vying for her attention. While she will have some say in the details of the wedding, she must plan a wedding that meets (or even exceeds) the expectations that so many have set for the royal family.  Any dreams she may have had for a small beach wedding disappeared 8 years ago when she fell in love with William.  From now on all her decisions must be made with the public view of her new family in mind.  That's a lot of pressure to appear perfect! 

Kate will never get to experience the frenzied shopping on Black Friday.  She will never know how exciting it can be to find designer clothes for less at TJ Max (and she looks like a person who loves to shop).  Never again will she be able to fade into the background at a party.  All eyes will be on her, even when she is having a bad hair day or even the flu.  She can not publicly show that she is upset, or heaven forbid, mad at her husband!  A princess must always seem to radiate kindness and beauty from the inside out. 

Why did it take 8 years for William to finally get down on bended knee?  Perhaps it was cold feet.  Maybe he wasn't sure he was ready.  He said he wouldn't get married until he was 28 and maybe he is just so stubborn that he was determined to stick by that.  I like to imagine that he did it for his princess, Kate.  You see, William has always been in the public eye and had the pressure of living up the image that society has for a handsome young prince.  Kate has had her share of paparazzi as Williams girlfriend, but nothing compared to what she will experience from now on.  The romantic in me chooses to believe that he loves her so much that he waited to put that ring on her finger because he was protecting her.  I hope those two live a very happy life filled with a crazy amount of love. 

Today I am thankful that not all wishes come true.  Now that I am an adult I realize that the life of a princess is not for me.  I wish Kate all the luck in the world and I hope she finds a quiet corner where she can lick the frosting off the bag. 


  1. Awesome point of view... but "ducks on a june bug"?


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