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Fall Favorites

Some things I'm loving right now...

This CC Cream from It Cosmetics is so good. It's a lightweight foundation with all kinds of added benefits to it including SPF 50.  I have used many moisturizers and foundations that have some level of SPF in them and I still burn but not with this one!  In all honesty, I did not realize this was a foundation at first; I thought it was just a tinted primer.  I now realize I can get away with just wearing this for simple no/little make up days. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone and providing a little coverage. However, if I'm going all out and putting on a full face of makeup I'll use this as a primer/base coat and top it off with a thin layer of foundation. It works great either way!

 I stopped using all forms of makeup remover and switched to baby shampoo for washing my face. It removes makeup a thousand times better than any makeup remover I've ever tried, even waterproof mascara!  It's gentle on my face, eras…

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