Thanksgiving day 3

I'm spending the month of November writing 30 thank you cards. Will you join me by taking a quick moment each day this month to tell someone thank you?  Whether it's a handwritten card, a Facebook message, a quick text, or a long conversation - you're thank you is important. 


You were my first best friend, back in the days when we were so little we didn't have much a choice on who our best friend would be.  Our moms were friends and so therefor we were friends.  Thank goodness for moms!  We both got lucky in that department!!

You have always been the cool friend and I felt cooler just by being in your presence. You had posters of rock stars on your bedroom walls which was not really my thing, but definitely felt like something all the cool kids did. I remember sitting on the deck at my house singing songs by NKOTB with you and thinking that was what movies were made of. In my mind you were already the girl that stars in movies, but in that moment I thought maybe I could be more than a nerdy sidekick in the background. I was having a conversation with a cool kid about a boy band; that was as good as it got for me.

I've never thanked you for letting me sit with you and your friends at lunch in high school. I was not a part of that crowd, but you were never anything but kind to me. It was at lunch one of those days that you told me that I looked good with my hair in a ponytail and that little compliment has stayed with me all these years.  That now serves as a reminder to me to give more compliments because you never know when someone needs to hear it. It was a such a small thing for you to say but it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I'm still the nerdy girl in the background and you're still the cool girl, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for being my first best friend.