Thanksgiving day 4

I'm spending the month of November writing 30 thank you cards. Will you join me by taking a quick moment each day this month to tell someone thank you?  Whether it's a handwritten card, a Facebook message, a quick text, or a long conversation - you're thank you is important. 

Today's post was written by my daughter, Nevaeh.  She is 11 years old and loves to write, so you may see her sharing on here from time to time.  She was a Young Author's winner in 4th grade and she would love to start a blog of her own someday.

Dear Mom,
I am thankful for everything you have done. You have done a lot including feeding me and caring for me. I had always been thankful from all the way before you adopted me, my sister, and my brother. You had always cared for us. I was crying of joy when you adopted us. You took us in. I am thankful of that. Even though we had bad days, we always loved each other. I will thank you even after the days on earth for us is over. I love you to the farthest thing in the universe and back. Thank you so much. I will never forget you or what you done for us.


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