Mud and Corn

I don't know how we did it but all five of us were free at the same time last weekend. No one had sports, or group meetings, or work.  For a large chunk of the day we were all able to be in the same place at the same time.  Troy is all about creating memories for the kids and he took this opportunity to plan a family fun day.

Every year we say that we're going to do a corn maze together, but there never seems to be enough time. This year we made it happen, mud and all.  It rained stormed the night before and our front yard looked like a swamp so we were doubtful that the maze was going to look any better. After much debate we decided it's all or nothing.  Put on your oldest shoes kids, we're getting muddy today!

That was the entrance to the maze and we were all naive and thought we would still be able to avoid getting muddy.  We tiptoed around stepping on the "dry spots" as much as possible.  Let me just tell you that after your foot slips into one of those puddles for the first time and you realize there is mud inside your socks now - mud.inside.your.socks - well, you just say screw it and march through the rest of the puddles. Create muddy memories.  

Liberty Corn Maze includes four mazes inside their giant corn field. Knowing that Troy and I would not be able to keep up with the kids we split up and let everyone do the mazes on their own.  There were many slips and giggles and oh so many wrong turns but we all eventually made it back to the entrance with stories to share. 

Normally I would have avoided a muddy walk, but the kids were excited to do the maze and when your teenagers are excited to spend together as a family you put on your old shoes and walk through that mud!  What a great day. It's so good to see them all making memories together.  Friends are great but family is forever. Spend time together. Work on those relationships. Cherish those moments.  Walk through the mud. 


  1. What great parents you are and thank you so much for including your little brother so he could make memories too! #bruncle #brother


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