RACK day 5

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness
Let's countdown the 25 days to Christmas by performing
at least one Random Act of Kindness each day.

It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Guess how many days are left in this RACK journey we are taking?  Twenty-one days left, just enough time to establish something new in your life.
Is there a new kind habit you would like to incorporate into your life?  Start it off with bang today!
  • Hold the door open for as many people as you can today.  Really go out of your way and see how many doors you can hold open in the next 24 hours 
  • Make eye contact.  We tell people thank you when they do kind things for us (like the hold the door open), but a thank you means so much more when it's accompanied with eye contact.   Make eye contact and thank the UPS driver, the cashier at McDonalds, the child that picks up their toys, and the stranger that holds the door open for you. 
  • Donate what you can every time you come to a Salvation Army bell ringer.  Troy and I rang a bell this weekend and we saw donations as small as a few pennies, and we were appreciative of each and every one of those pennies.  If everyone would drop their loose change in that bucket once a day imagine how many more people the Salvation Army could help.