Not to be forgotten 2011

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New Years Subway Art

Sweet Memories from 2011
  • The crazy amount of snow we got at the beginning of the year. 
  • Taking the camera outside in the snow, in the dark, to make a video showing how deep the snow was.  Falling during filming and not being able to get myself out of the snow drift.
  • Making chocolate chip cookie dough cupakes with 3 chocolate chips on top for 3GC's birthday party.
  • Agape families at church
  • Troy hit a cop car on a snowy evening.  An hour later, in the same car, I hit the concrete barrier on the highway.  We eventually pulled over and set up camp inside Wal-Mart until Brian came to rescue us (and calm our nerves).
    • Brian came to our rescue more than once this year.  We are lucky to have him!
  • Walk MS with Troy, Shelly, and Lindsey
  • Taking the A-Z Challenge to write every day on my blog in April
  • Celebrating our 4th anniversary by planting our first tree together, and the first tree on our property.  We named her Betty because she is Cleveland Pear and she will have white flower on her in the spring.  Betty White stars in the show Hot in Cleveland.
  • Getting up in the middle of the night to watch William and Kate get married.
  • Decorating Easter eggs with Levi
  • The bird nest we found on the side of our house.  We loved checking in on those eggs every day.  I did a lot of research on baby birds and we checked in on them at least twice a day. 
  • Living one of my dreams - attending family (church) camp with my husband.
  • A Minute of Sunshine with Misty
  • Outdoor concert at Church with Jason Watson
  • Geocaching
  • Troy is always amazing to me when I'm sick, but I was especially reminded of how lucky I am to have him when we went to ER in the middle of the night seeking relief from my kidney stones.
    • Mom cleaning my house, making homemade chicken and noodles, and taking care of me so I wouldn't have to be alone while Troy was at work.
  • Taking Levi and Issac to robot camp where they got to build their own robot and program it complete an obstacle course.
  • Sprint Fun Day with Brylly...trains, petting zoo, and face paint!
  • Susan G Komen Race for the Cure with Troy
  • Attending the Air Show with Levi.  That boy loves airplanes!
    • Watching a plane crash, and a man die and then having discussions with Levi about death.  Kids can teach us so much!
  • Troy got baptized!
  • For my birthday Troy put post it notes all over the house with little love notes to me.
  • Planting bushes in front of the house
  • Troy got a new boss and she makes cupcakes for me!
  • Pumpkin Party at my house!  We ate food made with pumpkin and everyone decorated a pumpkin to take home.
  • Troy was Super Pumpkin Man for Halloween...with a homemade costume that I put together at the last minute.
  • I won a custom frame from Alphabet Photography!  I love it so much that I still have not hung it because I want to make sure it goes in the perfect soon as I figure out where that is.
  • Shopping for lotion for Smooth Operation
  • Organizing a cupcake tour so that Arielle could find the perfect cupcakes for her wedding!
  • Donating 475 bottles of lotion to Della Lamb
  • Spending a Saturday morning bagging groceries and clothes for family's in need at Operation Thanksgiving.
  • Watching Levi sing in the honor choir!
  • Providing the morning message at church.
  • Earned enough gift cards through Swagbucks to get a Kindle for free.
  • Ringing the Salvation Army Bell once with Troy and once with Shelly.  It was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again next year.
  • Creating matching ugly Christmas sweaters for Troy's work party.
  • Volunteering at Operation Santa with Shelly
  • R.A.C.K.-ing at least one person a day for the 25 days leading up to Christmas.
  • Decorating Christmas cookies with Troy and Rick on Christmas Eve
  • Family Night's at Church
  •  Getting a job working at The Sweet Tooth.  I'm so excited to start baking/selling cupcakes in January!
  • Getting accepted to participate in the Young Adult Mission Trip to Jamaica in 2012

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