Iron Man plays guitar

Iron Man playing a homemade guitar. 

Levi has always enjoyed dressing up in costumes.  He is very creative and has a great imagination.  In fact this homemade guitar was a leprachaun trap just a couple days ago.  Way to recycle Levi!!!!

Two things I love about this picture.
1. Halloween is 26 days away and he is already enjoying his costume. 
2. He created his own happiness with an old (kleenex?) box. 

Kids are so great about fnding the sweet moments in life.  Sure, they want lots of expensive stuff and might (occassionally) throw fits when they don't get it, but they are masters at creating their own happy moments with what they have. 

I don't know any adults who could have found hours of happiness with an old box.  Levi took what he had and created his own happy moment with a leprachaun trap, and when he was done with that he created yet another happy moment with a guitar. 

You may not get the same joy out of a leprachuan trap that Levi did, but what do you have around your house that you could use to create a happy moment for yourself today? 


  1. I think he will be making leprachaun traps the rest of his life and his kids will probably make them too, all because his preschool teacher planted the idea 4 years ago!

  2. oh wait.. it was 5 years ago!


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