Thankful for ice

Troy and I both took a vacation day today.  We spent it in the most wild and crazy way we know how: at the dentist office.  Yep, we're cool like that. 

To celebrate the fact that Troy got excellent lab results from his Dr this morning and that neither one of us had any cavities at the Dentist we went out to eat.  We finally cashed in our Groupon to B:2 in Lee's Summit.  This restaurant is called the "little sister" to Blanc, which we have eaten at before and loved.  We had mixed reviews on B:2 which I have already posted to Yelp! but I really can't complain because we only ended up spending $6.52 on a $25 meal (thank you Groupon). 

The above picture is of the fried house made pickles.  Troy was in the restroom when these came and I guess I'm just rude because I started eating without him.  I picked one up with my hands, dipped it in the chipotle ranch and took a bite.  The scalding hot pickle slid out of the breading and landed on my bottom lip.  It's really a shame that Troy was not there to witness what happened next.  I spit the pickle across the table and started shaking my head like a dog who just got out of the bath, trying to make sure I had every last piece of that pickle out of my mouth.  This was not like when you take a drink of hot chocolate that's too hot, or biting into a mozzarella stick that's steaming and you burn your tongue.  I had a piping hot pickle stuck to the very sensitive skin of my lip, and that HURTS! 

Once the whole pickle ordeal was over I was too embarrassed to lift my head to check out just how many other nearby customers saw my seizure like moment.  I sat there with my head down until Troy returned and then casually warned him that the pickles just came out of the fryer so he might want to blow on them before biting into one.  Take note that I cut the rest of mine in half with a fork and blew on them until they were cold before they were allowed to go anywhere near my precious lips. 

The sweetest moment of the day was digging ice cubes out of my water glass and holding them on my bottom lip until it went numb.  Thank goodness we live in America where they automatically put ice in your drink.  The lukewarm tap water they give you in Europe wouldn't have helped my blistering lip any at all.