Finally free to hug

The Chilean Miners are free!  I have only seen smalls bits and pieces of them emerging one by one from that small hole, but I am looking forward to watching their rescue in more depth when I have time.  Can you just imagine the list of sweet moments they must have had yesterday as they came out into the open air after 2 months of being trapped underground?  I can't even begin to make a list of all the moments I have taken for granted while those men were waiting to be rescued.  What a huge reminder to the rest of us to appreciate those small moments that take place in our lives every single day. 

For me the sweet moment was watching as they wrapped their arms around their wives and hugged like they were never going to let go.  I am incredibly grateful that I get to see and hug my husband every day.  While I always appreciate a hug from Troy, I often take them for granted.  There are many couples who do not get to see their partner every day and would give anything to be able to wrap their arms around him/her for just a moment before heading to bed. 

Tonight I will hug him just a little longer and a little tighter and be thankful I am able to end my day in such a loving way.