So long heated blanket

Entertaining ourselves with an at home spa day in our first apartment. 

I can't sleep because I'm mad at a blanket.  My heated blanket decided tonight was the night to call it quits and give up on life and it's absolutely ridiculous how upset I am over a stupid blanket.  I've tossed and turned for way too long thinking about how much money it cost and how much I'm going to miss climbing into a warm bed every night.  My mind eventually wandered to another topic and then another and after a long string of random topics in my head I ended up at the beginning of me and Troy.  I can't get the story out of my head so I'm writing it down (or typing it out) in an effort to clear my thoughts.

The day after our first date Troy emailed me to let me know he could not afford to take me out and so he expected me to pay my half in the future.  I hadn't even agreed to a second date and he was already telling me that I needed to come up with some money!  I went out with him again and paid for the 2nd date.  On our 3rd date (which didn't cost anything) I really started to fall for him.

Troy would not let me visit his apartment because his furniture consisted of an air mattress, a card table, and a folding chair.  He had no where for me to sit and no matter how much I begged he refused to show me where he lived.  This was Troy's first lesson in dealing with me: don't tell me I can't do something, because I will show up with a free couch to get myself in that door!  He now had a place for me to sit, so there were no more excuses to keep me out! As an added bonus for him the couch showed up just in time because his air mattress bit the dust right around then too. 

The majority of our dates didn't cost anything.  We spent many many nights just the park, on a walk, on that free couch.  The night before our first road trip to Iowa to meet his family we slept on the hard floor of his apartment together.  Well, we laid on the hard floor together and talked...I'm not so sure we did  much sleeping that night, but we did do a lot of talking.  The thrill of being able to lay next to each other for the whole night made it so we didn't even notice the painfully hard floor.  We couldn't spend enough time together. 

My parents (God bless them) eventually gave Troy a bed and told me I better not break up with him the next day.  Shortly after that I moved in to the 275 square foot apartment with Troy. I brought a dresser and a desk with me so it was like we were living the rich life!  We lived together for 8 months in that small studio apartment before moving into our huge (450 square feet) apartment. 

I can't imagine that anyone ever questioned our love for each other during that time.  We didn't have a lot of "things" and it didn't matter.  We were so incredibly happy to just be able to spend time together, to sleep next to each other, even if it was on a hard floor. 

My heated blanket is just a thing.  Now that I've laid in bed pouting for hours, and then sitting alone at the computer typing away, I'm finally ok with losing one of my favorite things.  I didn't need a heated blanket when we lived in that first apartment and I don't need one now.  I'm going to crawl back in bed and cuddle up with Troy.  A heated blanket is just a thing, one I love, but still just a thing.  It's much more important to have Troy next to me all night long than to have my electric powered warmth. 

Scoot over Troy, here I come.  (Plus his side of the heated blanket still works!)


  1. I knew I was still up for a reason. I love it. As a "lover of stuff" this story is a great reminder of the things that really matter. I wish you and Troy a lifetime of happiness.


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