Yucky Face

Levi's yucky face while cleaning out the pumpkin

Yesterday Troy and I ate a late lunch at Pizza Street.  I spent the majority of my meal annoyed, making my "yucky" face.  I was annoyed at my camera for not cooperating with me before we left the house.  I was annoyed by everyone in the restaurant because I assumed the place would be empty at 3pm and I was wrong...it was very busy.  I was annoyed with Troy because his eyes were glued to the tv that had the football scores on it.  I was annoyed by the lady who rushed the buffet line when the fresh hot dessert pizza came out (even though I did the same thing 10 minutes later).  Then the king of all annoyances showed up just as we were finishing our meal: a hard, sideways, can't see 10 feet in front you kind of rain.  Great, could this afternoon get any worse?

When the rain started Troy and I immediately agreed that the rest of our afternoon plans could wait and we would hang out in Pizza Street until the heavy downpour at least lightened up enough for us to get to our cars without needing a life vest.  It didn't rain for long and we were able to make the mad dash to our car not too much later.  I don't believe God sent rain down on all of Blue Springs just for me, but in retrospect it sure seemed that way. 

I was already finished with my meal and so I just sat there and took in my surroundings while we waited out the storm.  There was a man there with his family and he was wearing a shirt stating that he was a football coach.  To me he was just another dad sharing a meal with his family, but to someone else he was a reason to stand a little taller.  I saw a high school kid approach him and nervously attempt to start up a conversation with the man, the football coach, that he did not know.  For whatever reason this kid was drawn to this man and he looked at him as someone to be admired and looked up to.  I'm not sure that the football coach ever realized what an impact he was making on that young mans life, but because I was so far removed from the situation I was able to see the whole scene play out from an unbiased view, and it was obvious that he touched that kid in that moment.  He treated a stranger with respect and took the time to listen to and answer the questions he asked.  He made that kid feel important and his opinions valued. 

People are watching.  You are someone to be looked up to...at all times.  This man was just enjoying an easy meal with his family, minding his own business, and had no clue that a high school kid was watching him and looking up to him with admiration.  Yesterday God blessed with me with a heavy downpour of rain causing me to stay in my seat and witness a life being touched, even if it was just a small moment. 

Who was watching me as I stormed around and pouted my way through my meal in my annoyed state?  Just like Levi (who jokingly) is making a yucky face in the above picture, I was making a yucky face with my yucky attitude.  I had a lot of sweet reasons to celebrate yesterday, but it was in the middle of my worst moment that I found the sweetest moment of all.  I let go of the small pidly things I was allowing to annoy me and celebrated the fact that I was spending a rainy afternoon eating pizza with my husband. 

Yesterday I was thankful for a strong storm that caused me to stop and remember that I choose my attitude and that I needed to choose the right attitude because I never know when someone may be standing a little taller watching me just as that kid did as he watched the football coach.