A Halloween (cookie) Surprise

About a month ago I saw this cute Halloween cupcake cookie jar at Kohls and thought it was adorable!  This morning when I got to work there was a huge gift on my desk and inside was the same cookie jar I had been drooling over at Kohls.  Yippee!!!  The cookie jar is a gift from Tyler (and his mom) for helping him get his own blog started.

When I was in high school I was lucky enough to get to go on a trip to Europe with the Foreign Language Club.  My parents could not afford to pay for my trip and I did not have rich grandparents to write me a fat check.  I had to do anything I could to get that money.  I remember ironing my neighbors clothes in exchange for a monetary donation to my trip, and thinking it was very odd that he wanted his jeans ironed...but I would have ironed his underwear in exchange for some money!  I don't remember everything I did, or everyone who donated to help me out.  I do remember that trip very well though and it was a huge moment in my life.

I got to see the Mona Lisa, watched my friend get pooped on by a bird, viewed Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, watched another friend get pooped on by a bird, ate pasta in Italy and fondue in Switzerland.  I got a passport and took my first plane ride and my first train ride.  I saw my first topless beach (and blushed like crazy) and learned how perfume was made (not on the beach though).  I went on the trip of a lifetime because of many small donations and there are not enough thank you cards in the world to express how much that trip meant to me. 

Tyler was chosen to represent his school on a science trip to Florida next year.  He will get to visit Kennedy Space Center and see the space shuttle launch, as well as other Science themed activites around Orlando.  This is a huge honor for him to be one of the lucky few chosen to attend this trip and you can read more about it in his blog.   

Thank you Tyler, for my cookie jar and I'm sure you will earn the money you need to make that dream a reality.  Keep knocking on doors and calling friends and family.  I guess I better get busy making some cookies before Halloween has passed right on by us!