A view from the outside

I was not in the greatest mood when I went to lunch today.  I had removed my rose colored glasses and was choosing to see only the negative things in my day.  There was nothing worth being upset over, but I was choosing to let the small things bother me and I was choosing to have a bad attitude.

I was walking through a beautiful park, on a beautiful day, and was so wrapped up in the negative thoughts in my head that I didn't even notice the beauty all around me.   Finally I was forced to stop and stand still as I waited in a line, and when I finally took a deep breath and looked around me I realized I was standing in the prettiest spot in the whole park.  How had I gotten to this beautiful place without seeing it as I was approaching? 

It made me wonder how many sweet moments I had missed while I was so busy being upset.  There are probably hundreds of small moments every day that are worth taking note of, but sometimes I'm so wrapped up in the negative ones that I miss the sweet ones. 

Next time I'm forced to stand in line I'm going to remember to use that moment to really take in my surroundings, because I won't know what sweet moments I may be missing out on until I put the rose colored glasses back on and take a look around.