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We use the dewrinkle setting on our dryer a lot.  In the summer I try to use the good old fashioned iron and ironing board to get my wrinkles my out, but once the cold weather sets in I'm back to using the dryer.

I know the dryer is hard on your clothes with the extreme heat and tumbling around but that's not going to stop me.  My clothes may not last as long and my electric bill may be a little bit higher, but it's so worth it when you pull a pair of warm pants over your goose bumped legs.  Besides, my clothes are going to go out of style before the dryer wears them out anyway. 

This morning my clothes were not even wrinkled, but I still tossed them in for a few minutes.  No amount of layering, hot cocoa, or even the warmest blanket can compare to the instant gratification I get from clothes straight out of the dryer. 

Ehow has instructions on how to use a case you were wondering.  Or you can be like us and throw everything in the dryer and take it out when we get around to it...which then gives us a perfect excuse to use the dewrinkle option on our dryer.  We're not perfect, but our clothes sure do feel good when we put them on!