Coffee on a cold morning

I should start off by letting you know that I do not like coffee.  I love the smell of coffee.  I love the thought of getting up every morning and starting my day with a cup of coffee.  I sometimes walk down the coffee aisle at the store just because it makes me happy.  Unfortunately I do not enjoy the taste of coffee. 

After we bought our house Troy insisted on getting a coffee pot, even though he doesn't drink coffee either.  As a compromise to spending money on something I knew we would get very little use out of I insisted he buy the smallest/cheapest coffee pot they had.  I headed over to my favorite aisle with a big smile; I finally had a legit reason to stop and smell the coffee.  We bought the smallest container of Folgers they had and some yummy sounding vanilla caramel creamer. 

This morning I used the last bit of coffee out of our original Folgers purchase from over a year ago.  I have no idea how long coffee is good for (we kept in the in fridge), but it tasted the same amount of yucky that it did a year ago.  Of course I put a lot of milk and a good healthy spoonful of sugar in my coffee so I'm not really sure if I would even notice if it was stale or not.  To be fair I should also admit that I don't measure the coffee.  I did in the beginning, but now I just dump some in until it looks about right.  I figure we are both going to load it up with so much other stuff that it doesn't matter if I make it too strong or too weak.  We are really just trying to choke it down while we get the boosted energy from the caffeine.  My small cup of 1/2 milk and 1/2 coffee gives me more energy than anything else I've found. 

Some days drinking coffee just feels right.  There is something very "grown up" about a cup of coffee.  Kids have hot chocolate, but adults drink coffee.  Most of the time I choose the chocolaty drink, but some days I just want to feel like a grown up and start my day with a cup of coffee.  It was downright cold in the house this morning and making a hot cup of coffee (who am I was a luke warm cup of coffee by the time I added all that cold milk to it) seemed like the right thing to do.  Perhaps I should get some chocolate flavored creamer to assist in making my grown up drink taste more child like. 


  1. I enjoyed your post and was reminded of my beginning coffee drinking stages. I hated it until I was late 30's or so. You too may soon become a great coffee connoisseur.

    I found that the chocolate marshmallow creamer they sometimes have at Aldi's is delish! Walmart also has some chocolate creamers that are very tasty. I myself love my morning Joe. I don't get far without my steaming hot cup (who am I kidding..POT) of freshly brewed coffee.

    Shelly P.

  2. Chocolate Marshmallow creamer sounds amazing...and very much like hot chocolate! I will have to see if I can find some.

  3. I don't think we should be friends. j/k:)

    You might not like coffee because you haven't figured out how you like. ..Or, you might flat out not like it. For me, though, if coffee isn't just right, it's just wrong. That includes everything from the brand of coffee, milk or creamer, sugar, temperature, strength, even the pot it was made in.

    My mom and I call ourselves "coffee snobs" because we have both found that coffee made in most pots other than a BUNN is gross. (BUNNs have a reservoir of pre-heated water in them, so when you make the coffee, it is brewed at a certain temperature, not just run through the coffee grounds AND THEN heated up...) anyway...

    I'm no coffee expert, but I know that discovering your coffee niche can take some serious investigating! If you are up to the challenge, I hope you find the coffee that is just right for you!

  4. I prefer it with a package of hot cocoa mix & some french vanilla creamer. Your preference on with or with marshmallows on the hot cocoa. ;-)

    Jen K.

  5. I posted a comment but it didn't post. Heck if I know what I said now!

  6. I agree that coffee must be brewed and mixed just right or it doesn't taste right. It has taken me years, though, to figure out just how I like my coffee. Sometimes I like to make half coffee and half hot chocolate. Its very good and just perfect for those times when I just can't decide which one I really want.

  7. Evidentally everyone has their own way of drinking coffee! Guess I need to search for "my way".

    Amanda, I was thinking of you as I was writing this post. I told Troy you were not going to like it! lol

    Jen, thanks for signing it Jen K because I have 7 Jen's on my facebook, so now I know which one you are! Jennifer is a popular name!

    Mom, I think you might have posted your comment on facebook instead of on the blog.

  8. I LOVE coffee. It is actually a problem. I drink too much everyday. I don't think you should force yourself to drink it if you don't like it, but I definitely see the appeal of a warm drink on a cold day. yum!

  9. I LOVE this blog!

    I did not used to like or even drink coffee until I tried GOOD coffee. Actually, I found a roaster in Coronado, CA that opened a coffee shop down the street from where I was working at the time. His passion for coffee was like that of an oenophile for wine! It really enabled me to learn about the nuances of different types of coffee and how to find the enjoyment in each. Granted, it made me a bit of a coffee snob…I would drink nothing before I drink bad coffee.

    I have a fantastic espresso maker at home that my hubby gave me for my birthday. I haven’t used it since I started working here…I can't get my SAVVY fix if I have coffee from home. :D

    If you want to find your coffee passion…try several coffee shops and try black coffee. Do not get discouraged if you do not find something you love quickly…

    Jennifer D.


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