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Cupcake Construction Company

There are days when you have to search for those sweet moments that gave you reason to smile and then there are days when the moments are so big you want to shout it from the rooftops.  Yeseterday was a climb up the roof and scream with all you've got kind of day. 

If you spread enough cupcake love it will eventually come full circle back to you.  Yesterday I was able to enjoy a return on my cupcake love. 

A few weeks ago I used the wonderful world of Facebook to sign my office up to win free cupcakes from Cupcake Construction Company.  Yesterday was our lucky day because we won those 12 beautiful cupcakes in the above picture.  I was not in the office when the call came through announcing that we were the winners, but I imagine there was plenty of squealing!  It was like we had won the lottery...the cupcake lottery. 

Michael and Megan delivered the cupcakes and were just as sweet as can be.  You can read more about my opinion of them and their cupcakes on my Yelp review.  They even remembered meeting me at Cupcake Camp which impressed me.  I love finding companies that excel in customer service and take a genuine interest in their customers (fans).  Meeting them was a sweet moment all by itself. 

After the cupcakes had been safely set on my desk and I had taken a picture of them looking all sorts of fabulous we just stood in a semi circle around the little bundles of joy with goofy grins on our faces!  What a great moment of joy! 

Thank you Cupcake Construction Company for providing 12 sweet moments of joy and giving 7 people a reason (or two) to smile.  You made our day even sweeter and we will always think of you with a smile on our faces and a rumble in our tummies as we remember how much we enjoyed your cupcakes!


  1. Thanks, Misty, for the blog post and the Yelp! review.

  2. Thanks so much, Misty! You rock! I'm so happy you guys enjoyed your little Wednesday afternoon pick-me-up. :) Also, I absolutely LOVE your blog. I'm going to keep on reading! I hope you have a fantastic day. :)

  3. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! We enjoyed the cupcakes for a Thursday morning pick-me-up too!


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