Thankful Thursday 06-02-11

  • Spending the big bucks and going out to a real movie theater.  (ok, not big bucks, we saw the cheap $5 early show...but it was at a real movie theater and not just in our living room)
  • Lasagna oozing with melted cheese.  There is no such thing as too much cheese!
  • I did a craft project!  The picture above is an old wooden cheese plate that I redid to match my kitchen.  Yippee for arts and crafts!
  • The tornado's were kind enough to skip over me and my family.
  • The false fire alarm at work provided a much needed leg work out.  23 flights of stairs....  This also reminded me that I need to get back in the habit of using the stairs more often. 
  • We got the paperwork/booklet for Family Camp in the mail, and I have read it cover to cover more than once (ok, more than 5 times).
    • I typed up a pretty color coded schedule with pictures (for Issac, who can't read yet...and because I'm a dork), and included the menu for each meal on each days schedule.  No need to flip through the book for us - it will all be posted right by the door :)
  • Church family night
  • Patience.  I don't always have enough, but I am thankful for those time when I do.
  • Issac is back for the summer and is always a little shy until he gets to know us all again.  He did not want to talk to Troy or I when we first saw him last night, but by the end of the night he was snuggling up to me and mimicking Troy's actions.