24 days to go

It was almost a year ago that Troy and I started talking about wanting to attend family camp.  We had discussed it in the past and knew that it was something we were interested in attending sometime, but last year we (or maybe just me) really felt the need to attend camp in 2011.  We talked about camp like it was a given that we were going to attend; imagining the classes, worship services, and built in nap time that was scheduled every day.  (That's right, I said nap time!)  I told Troy about the things I remember from camp days growing up (scheduled nap time),  and made guesses about things I suspect have changed since then (what I now affectionately call nap time, used to be called swim time when I was a kid).  Troy talked about what he would do for the camp talent show, and I worked on teaching him all of the campfire songs I could remember.

We went back and forth between we can - we can't, we want to - we don't have the money, we're going - we're not going.  Yes, we are officially signed up for family camping this year and it just hit me today.  Camp is less than a month away...and I'm nervous.

What if I don't experience the spiritual renewal I am looking for?  Have I hyped up the whole experience so much that it is nearly impossible for it to live up to the expectations I have created in both of us?  How will we handle being "parents" for the week?  (Did I mention we are taking Levi and Issac with us?  And they don't think naps are cool!)  Will we feel like outsiders searching for a place we fit in?

We spent the past year imagining our family being there with us, yet they will not be able to attend this year.  This has been a harder obstacle to get past than I would have ever imagined.  I still find them appearing in my daydreams about camp, and I suspect part of me will be surprised when they don't show up the first day.

Troy and I have talked about things we want to do with our church.  We told you all about our Thanksgiving goal and have been very public in sharing the details that go along with it.  We have another goal that has only been shared with those closest to us, and yet one more goal that we have kept just between the two of us.  Attending family camp is a step towards the finish line for each one of those goals.  Make progress on three goals with just one activity!

I expect the excitement to build as the date gets closer and the nerves to (hopefully) settle down.  I have complete confidence that this is going to be a good experience for both of us. 


  1. I am insanely jealous that you get to go and I don't. I am also excited that Troy will experience this for the first time and that you will get to relive old memories and make new ones. It is going to be a wonderful week for both of you and don't worry, you are bound to find at least one old friend that you can reconnect with :D

  2. Don't be nervous, celebrate. It should be a wonderful experience that will bring you many 'a lesson learned. It's a shame that your family can't be there; but think about the experiences you can tell them about when you get back!



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