Thankful Thursday 5-12-11

To Recline
Looks like a reading spot to me!

  • Brylly has officially reached the age where his Aunt Misty is cool.  I tend to have the coolness factor for kids ages 2-5ish (sometimes older, depending on the kid)...before they have any clue what it means to be "cool".  It's a short lived time span, and I plan on taking full advantage of it before he realizes I am not the cool one in the family. 
  • I found some really great items for super cheap at the city wide garage sale extravaganza last weekend!  Some DIY projects and a couple of mirrors to brighten up our home.
  • I finally took Troy to his first campfire last night. 
  • The flower seeds I planted are turning into little baby flower sprouts!
  • Instead of nagging, I chose to do something myself, in the way I wanted it done. 
  • My dad fixed our mower, so now my husband is a happy mower (until the first really hot day). 
    • He also waved his magic wand over our carpet shampooer and ta-da! it started working again!
  • Watching, in awe, at how quick it goes from black to light outside. 
  • I did not want to turn on the air conditioning, but temps in the 90's finally forced me to give in.  Once it's done it feels great!  I love walking into a cool house on a hot day.

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