Thankful Thursday 5-19-11

  • This past weekend we rented 6 movies from Redbox and had the ultimate lazy weekend
    • enjoying that Troy and I (mostly) agree on movies
  • I'm thankful my parents are not celebrities, because I always feel bad for the children of celebrities, even adult children.  They did not choose a life in the spotlight, but eventually an unflattering photo will be taken of them by some guy hiding in the bushes across the street.  Thanks for being "normal" mom and dad!
  • Sneaking in a pre-work nap.  There is a semi-quiet, semi-hidden area in my building where I can go for a little quiet time before I officially show my face at the office.
  • Appreciating the cold rainy days instead of being annoyed by them
    • Also loving the perfect weather days that tend to follow them
  • Adele :)
  • People who work in customer service and seem to genuinely care about me, the customer, before their bottom line. 
  • Laying in the sunroom listening to the rain fall

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