Checking In

You may remember that back in December I told you about our Thanksgiving resolution to attend more church sponsored activities.

Make time for church!  We will step outside of our previous self imposed boundaries and say yes to church sponsored activities (excluding Sunday morning services, those are a given) at least 10 times in the next year.  When we see our sparkling smiles lighting up the big screen at the end of 2011 we will know that we have been successful in reaching our goal. 

6 months later and we are 1/2 way to our goal...right on track!
  1. We volunteered at Della Lamb with many members of the congregation
  2. A night of bowling and Christmas caroling gave us an opportunity to get to know the Young Adults better
  3. The purse I currently carry came from the white elephant gift exchange with the Adult group right before Christmas.  I also made BBQ chicken cornbread cups!
  4. We celebrated Valentine's day at the annual Sweethearts Dinner.
  5. Troy got to experience his first campfire (preparing ourselves for Family Camp in less than a month).
How are you doing on your resolutions?