What color are you?

Try not to do any reading (that's always hard for me) and just pick your favorite color from the below chart. 

I was instantly drawn to Fig, and I think it's an ok description of me.  Not the best, but not terrible either.

My second choice was Beet, which may be a better fit for me.  Sympathetic and empathetic....check! 

I think I am somewhere between Black and Bluebell.  Highly emotional, yes.  Aware of why things happen the way they do, half check.  I may not always understand how things work (internet) but I'm constantly thinking about it.  People find me appealing and easy to love?  Not so sure about that.  Quiet, but always thinking about what's going on...yes!

After reading them all I strive to be Cement and Papaya. 

What color did you pick?  Does it describe you? 


  1. very cool. where'd you find this? i was drawn to chartreuse but i'm more like bluebell.

  2. I had a hard time choosing between peacock and fig but chose peacock and I think it fits me very well.


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