Figs & Ginger

Figs and Ginger is giving away the cute love bunnies necklace, pictured above, to everyone who plants a tree for Earth Day.  You still have time to send your picture in and get your choice of this cute necklace or a $15 gift certificate to use on something else. 

I chose the necklace for myself. 

We've got our fingers (and toes) crossed that the tree lives a long and happy life.  We've already told ourselves that we will not get too upset if it doesn't make it.  We will do our very best with the tree while keeping in mind that this is our first time planting a tree anything and we are learning as we go.

Have you planted anything this year?


  1. unfortunately, no. we live in an apt. with a northern exposure. it sucks. good luck with the tree!


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