Thankful Thursday 06-16-11

This is a special family camp edition of Thankful Thursday since I spent 5 of the past 7 days there.  Sorry if you were not there, or not familiar with (or interested in) this camp.  Next week I'll be back with more completely random thankful moments. 

Welcome to everyone that is new to my blog!  Every Thursday I post a list of things I am thankful for from the past week and then I throw in another post or two sometime during the week.  There are no guarantees about what I will write about, but I try to focus on finding the positive and choosing your attitude

  • I am excited to tell you that Troy and I are working on a "he said / she said" blog about preparing for his baptism.  Troy has a great story to share about his decision to get baptized and why he is holding off on the actual baptism for a while.  To go along with it I am going to share my point of view, my thoughts on his decision and some of the discussions we had as we both prepared for his big day.  He is not planning on getting baptized for at least a couple months, so look for this special blog post to come out at a later date. 
  • Troy's first camp experience!!!
    • Check out his first (of several to come) blog about his camp experience right here!
  • Lake Doniphan is beautiful!
  • I did plenty of walking, but holy moly did I do plenty of eating to make up for it!  Three big meals a day and I cleaned my plate at every meal.  I needed to get my butt out of bed earlier and go for a walk each morning.  I had great plans of taking early morning walks, but never actually made it on one.   Thanks for the good food!
  • I am so glad that Levi and Issac can sleep through anything and that Troy learned to sleep with the light on so that I could work on writing after they went to bed and before they all got up in the morning. 
  •  I am deeply, madly, crazy in love with my home congregation.  I may share more about this at a later date, but for now let me just tell you that I have never been prouder to say that I am from Odessa. 
  • Levi and Issac are cuddlers.  They want to be touching me all the time, and since I am a touchy feely kind of gal, I loved it.  I have received countless hugs from those two adorable boys! 
    • Maddy gave them a run for their money in the hug race though!  She is such a sweet girl and for whatever reason I am drawn to her and think about her often.  I was so incredibly excited to see her at camp!
  • It was interesting to see that the kids I grew up going to camp with are not there anymore (for the most part - some were there).  I am sure most of them have moved, and it was not a large group to start out with.  It was interesting to see how the adults were the same people I remembered, but the people in my age group were (mostly) new faces to me.  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet new people. 
  • I asked the boys what they were most thankful for about camp:
    • Levi is thankful that he got to see all of his friends that he hasn't seen since last year.  That boy is popular! 
    • Issac is thankful he got to play with Joey!  I am thankful he got to play with Joey too!
  • My family came up on Sunday and spent the whole day.  They even stayed SUPER late so that they could see Elvis and Levi perform in the talent show. 
    • Thanks to the Meyers for staying late too!
    • I was so impressed by how comfortable Levi was performing in the talent show.  He wanted to be in one at school a while back but was too self conscious to commit to anything.  Performing in front of his church friends was easy. 
  • Already wishing the camp dates were announced for next year so we could put in for our vacation!


  1. I am also thankful for Joey. What a fantastic kid! I have met a person that he does not get along with or make smile.


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