A Minute of Sunshine

We just got back from family camp and I found so much inspiration for this blog.  I just hope I can write it all before I forget it.  Each morning of camp I stood up and presented what was called "A Minute of Sunshine with Misty".  This was my time to share the things I was thankful for from the previous day, similar to what I do each week with my Thankful Thursday posts. 

This was so much harder than I expected because there were so many meaningful things I added to that list before I went to bed each night.  I cried tears of happiness as I wrote down all of the things that touched me during the day.  What an amazingly blessed life I have!

I am sharing my daily lists so that I will be able to look back on them during the year.  When I get discouraged I can come back to this post and remember the feeling of peace and love I experienced and want to spread to others through out the year. 

A Minute of Sunshine with Misty
Saturday, June 11
Dear Lord, thank you for Edna, who recognized me right away.  Even though I haven’t been to camp in almost 15 years, she made me feel right at home.
Thank you for the man in the Mickey Mouse hat who took a group of children fishing.  He is a blessing.
Thank you, Lord, for letting me trip and fall right after I got here.  I already got my embarrassing moment out of the way.
Thank you for the couple walking hand in hand by the lake, for they reminded me how lucky I am to have my husband with me.
Thank you for the self-proclaimed “brats” who have grown into amazing adults and led us in campfire – my favorite memory of camps in the past.
Thank you for my very popular brother Levi, and for Issac, who has accepted me as his sister with open arms.
Thank you Lord for this sweet, sweet day.

Sunday, June 12
Dear Lord, thank you for everyone that admitted to crying with me yesterday.  They each touched my heart.
Thank you for the cold front that moved through and brought cooler temperatures to our campgrounds.  I can now walk to the restroom without breaking a sweat!
Thank you for Josh, who sat quietly on a bench and played the guitar.  He provided the perfect background music as I looked out over the lake.
Thank you for the many hugs I received in celebration of National Hugging Day.  I hope the celebration continues today…and tomorrow…
Thank you for the Dutel family.  From the smallest to the largest they each gave me something to be thankful for.  I am blessed to call them family.
Thank you for those that honor tradition.  We have many great things in our past that are worth repeating.
Thank you for those that bring new ideas to our camp.  You stretch our minds to think about what could be.
Thank you for the reminder that we are all a Sacred Creation.  I will go into today with a fresh new outlook.
Thank you for our first full day of camp.  It was a sweet, sweet day.

Monday, June 13
Dear Lord, thank you that my “hunka hunka burnin’ love” did not have any big injuries last night.  I love you honey, but that was a nasty fall!
I am not a fisherman – never have been and probably never will be; however, I am here with a little boy who wakes up every morning and asks me how much longer until he can go fishing.  Thank you for Keegan, Pete, Tim, and the many others who gave him a hook, bait, or put down their own pole to run over and help him reel in another big one.  He caught the biggest fish of the day and will use that as bragging rights all summer!  What an amazing family we have all found in each other.
Thank you for people like Norman.  I am in awe of his patience and quiet leadership on KP duty.  Thank you for the reminder that leaders are not always the most outspoken one in the group. 
Thank you for the “foo foo” girls and the boys who chase frogs by the lake.  Happiness is contagious, especially when it comes from children.
Thank you for a community where everyone’s talents are appreciated.  Magic tricks, animal sounds, and beautiful music are all reasons to celebrate.  I appreciate a community that has crazy loud applause for every single person. 
Thank you for the opportunity to witness a beautiful baptism last night.  My heart tells me that you have big plans for Felix and I’m excited to see how you use him and his talents.
Thank you for this sweet, sweet day.

Tuesday, June 14
Dear Lord, I have had a rough week at camp and actually considered leaving.   Thank you for the people that brought kind words, a hug, or a break from kids when I needed it most.  I know it was you that sent them to me in my time of need.
Thank you for the people who look out at a lake covered in icky green stuff and see beauty.  They remind me to look deeper. 
Thank you for the young adult class.  I may have sat quietly, but I am taking many things away from that class and you are all in my prayers.
My phone does not get service on these beautiful campgrounds – Thank you!  I have spent time with people, nature, and my own thoughts instead of texting, email, and Facebook.
Thank you for the reminder that the right thing to do is not always the easiest thing to do.  I need to take the hard road more often.
Thank you for the people that came up to me and started a conversation.  I struggle to initiate conversation and so I greatly appreciate those who make the effort.  My weakness is your strength – thank you for sharing it with me. 
Thank you for my husband who was willing to leave his church when we met five years ago so that we could attend church together, as a couple.  This week one of my dreams came true as we attended this camp together.  Later this year he will step into the cold font water at our home congregation and officially make this church his own.  Thank you for making him feel welcome and at home here.
Thank you Lord, for this sweet, sweet camp.


  1. You are a wonderful and beautiful Lady Misty. You may not start conversations but you put the true feelings out for all to read. We are blessed to have you in our family. Daily I had tears of Joy from your Minute of Sunshine .... Thank You...


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