Back to work

Office Supplies should always include chocolate...right?

Do you struggle to go back to work after a vacation?  I remember that I used to look forward to going back to work.  I'm not sure if that was because I was young and working was still new to me, or if it was because I enjoyed my job so much more.  Probably a little bit of both.  I am getting more and more grouchy as I get older. 

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a wonderful vacation.  I think it's harder because the vacation was amazing, relaxing, and left me feeling renewed.  I didn't want that feeling to go away.  All day Wednesday I was on a camp love high.  That's what I'm calling that feeling you leave camp with - "camp love" - and I have been on a major camp love high. 

I was worried about going into work and losing all that camp love that had filled my soul.  I tried to think of an excuse to get off at every exit I passed on the 40 mile trip into work.  Let me just tell you that there are a lot of exits in the 40 miles between Odessa and downtown Kansas City!  I tried to find positive things to focus on.  I even turned the radio down and did not listen to the tabloid gossip (gasp!) that I usually love so much.  I was trying to stay in my happy place. 

You know what?  The day wasn't that bad.  There are 250+ plus employees in my office and I was amazed at how many of them remembered and asked how camp was.  Before I left I felt like they were not really sure what to think when I told them I was going to a church camp.  I got a feeling they all thought I was going to ask them to drink the kool-aid with me.  I felt like everyone was being incredibly kind as they danced their way through the halls.  Were they actually being extra super duper nice?  Probably not.  It was just my interpretation of the day and because I was in a good mood I was focused on the positive things in the day instead of those few negative moments.  There was some dancing going on in the hallways though! 

I had a good day at work.  I had a lot of catch up to do after being gone for a week, but I never felt overwhelmed as I worked through it all.  I worked hard, but I didn't let it get to me.  I took time outs to visit with my coworkers and to check the (ever rising, but still a semi-safe distance away) flood level in southwest Iowa where Troy's family lives.  I remembered to close my eyes and pray for a friend of mine who is going through a difficult time right now.  I took the time to listen to a coworker tell me a story from her past and I gave her my full, undivided attention. 

I said thanks for a full time job and for coworkers that cover for me when I'm gone.  I said thanks because I was missed.  I said thanks for being back at my desk with mutli colored highlighters and hot pink post it notes (because I love office supplies like a baby loves it's pacifier). 

I was thankful to be back at work.  Even though I wanted to stay home for the rest of my life yesterday I actually appreciated being back at work and having something to do.  It was a great test.  I took that amazing feeling from my vacation and carried it through into my day to day life.  One day down, three hundred sixty-some a lot more days to go until we get to do it again.  Yep, I'm counting down!


  1. I know the feeling... We had such a great time on our vacation and came back to our busy hectic lives!


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