Thankful Thursday 06-23-11

Super cool watermelon turtle...NOT made by me. 

  • Summer has officially arrived and here in my part of the world we have been experiencing beautiful weather!
  • The soothing power of honey.  It makes my throat feel so much better and it taste good going down!
  • Enjoying a watermelon at the peak of it's perfection.  What a perfect summer fruit. 
  • Riding a choo choo train with Brylly.  There were many other activities for him to experience on our day out, but it was the choo choo train that brought the biggest smile to his face.
  • Pool time!  Lounging in a quiet pool, soaking up the sun, enjoying the kid free/splash free waters.
  • Really awesome compliments!
  • Being in the middle of downtown, surrounded by tall buildings, and noticing the beauty of nature scattered throughout the concrete jungle.
  • I go to bed way before Troy does, but sometimes he will come in and lay down and talk to me for a few minutes before I fall asleep.  I love those quiet moments in the dark.