Z is for Zee End

Yep, I know Zee is not a real word.  Live with it!  I actually stole the (fake) word from The Sweet Tooth because I wanted to blog about my experience with this challenge, but 30 minutes of internet researching later I could not find a Z word that felt right to me, so the made-up word wins! 

Thank you to Alex Cavanaugh for creating and organizing this challenge.  Thank you to Bz for introducing me to the challenge.  I am so excited that my friends Trevor and Jami decided to join the challenge as well.  The best thing that came out of this whole month/challenge was that Troy decided to start his own blog so he could participate and throughout the month he discovered that he loves writing.  There is something therapeutic about writing and knowing that someone, somewhere, is going to read it.  I'm glad he discovered this joy for himself and am looking forward to what the future of his blog brings. 

I enjoyed the A-Z Challenge, but it was harder than I expected.  I started the alphabet off trying to make each letter fit into the theme for my blog.  How can I make each topic relate to Encouraging Sweetness?  This proved to be too difficult for me and I finally gave in and just wrote about whatever inspiration I could find that started with the appropriate letter.  It made the challenge much easier for an amateur like me!

Now that the month is over here is what I have learned.
  • I am not cut out for daily blogging.  I put out 26 posts in the past month.  20 mediocre posts and 6 poor quality posts.  (that's an estimate...don't go looking for the 6 bad posts)  None that I am really proud of.  I need more time/space in between posts to get out words I am proud of.  I felt like I lost myself as the month progressed.
  • I enjoy blogging most when I am writing about things that have inspired me in my daily life.  I like to find things as I go about my day and write about them.  I pushed a lot of those things aside this past month because they didn't relate to my letter of the day and so they got pushed away for something else.  I am excited to be back to where I want to be.
  • I enjoy having people look for my blog every morning, as part of their routine.  My favorite blogs are ones that post on a regular basis, even if it's not every day. 
  • Sometimes it's fun to just write about whatever is going on in my life, or tell a story from my past instead of focusing so much on my Encouraging Sweetness theme.  I enjoy telling people about me :)
Good news for you: I am starting a weekly post called Thankful Thursday.  I will still post a couple times a week as I feel inspired, but every Thursday there will be a post about the things I am thankful for from the past week.  I will also sporadically be mixing in some totally random posts just because I feel like writing about it. 

Thank you for sticking with me through the A-Z blogging challenge! 


  1. congrats on making it through the challenge, it has been quite the ride!


  2. Nice title!!! :-) Looking forward to Thursday with Misty. Keep Encouraging Sweetness!!!

  3. i am glad i found you via the a to z challenge. you definitely make the end of my days a bit brighter with your posts. :)


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