L is for Lawn

We do not spend a crazy amount of time or money to keep our yard looking perfect.  We try to keep it (mostly) green and mow it as needed.  We don't have an inch of landscaping.  Not a tree, rock, or flower to be found...yet.  Someday we are going to cross our fingers and attempt to turn our thumbs green.  Hopefully that day will come sooner rather than later!

Our lawn is currently sprinkled with lots of yellow dandelions, or as some may call them...weeds.  I know we are supposed to rush out and get some chemicals to kill them, or if we are really "green" pull them each out of the ground.  Small problem though; I kind of like them.

I check out the lawns in our neighborhood and I actually prefer ours with the little specks of yellow in it.  Embrace more color!  I know that eventually the pretty specks of yellow will turn into those white poofs and while those are fun to blow into the wind, they are not so pretty to look at.  Maybe then I'll embrace the "green is better" theory, but for now I'm choosing to see my "weeds" as flowers and enjoying the fact that for once I have the most colorful yard on the block!


  1. Our daughter Kayla thinks they are just flower too. Well those things that blow are seed, and will lead to more and more yellow flowers in your yard. :-/

  2. I think dandelions are beautiful when they're white. :-) Of course, I'm not much of a gardener, so I don't see them as a pain in the backside.


  3. My husband is slightly embarrased by them, but they don't bother me at all. Prettiest weed I've ever seen!

  4. You must like them...those are dandelions at the top of your page... :)

  5. What a great observation!!! I've looked at this page so many times that I no longer even see what's behind the latest words. Thanks!!

  6. I love dandelions too. They have been my favorite flower since I was very little, but I also love the look of a lush green yard. I wish I could have both :)


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