U is for Understanding


I understand that I am naturally a morning person and no matter how late I stay up my body will still insist on rising bright and early.

I understand that I will always cry at funerals, even if I do not know the person. 

I understand that if there is chocolate in the house I will eat it. 

I understand that quiet time is an important part of my day as it helps to keep me sane.

I understand Troy is the sexiest man in the world.  (He helped me with that one)

I understand that I create my own happiness and I am the only person to blame for those moments when I am not happy. 

I understand that I relate better to quiet/shy people easier than those who are more outgoing. 

I understand that I am still learning things about myself and that makes me happy because it means that I am still growing.


  1. Glad I found your blog! I love your positive attitude. I'm a morning person, too, which works out well now that I work for myself and can be writing at 6 or 7 a.m. and napping at 3.

  2. Morning person huh? So why is it that when I text you at 6:30, 7:00 or even 8:00 in the morning you tell me later that you were still sleeping? Guess your morning starts later than mine :D

  3. LOL some of these were pretty funny... but about one of these. "I understand that if there is chocolate in the house I will eat it." When you start working at The Sweet Tooth, will we have to lock the chocolate up? LOL



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