B is for Beautiful Weather and Bouncing Balls

Looks like Brylly is doing a little dance in the picture above.  Dancing to celebrate the beautiful weather we had today!  My chihuahua, Mya, is a sun worshiper and seeks out spots where she can soak up the heat from the sun.  Today I felt like Mya as I kept moving closer to the edge of the deck as the sun shifted to the other side of the house and the sun line moved.  What a great day to be outside!

I spent some time outside in this beautiful weather playing with Levi and Brylly while Levi taught me a game he invented.  We had to let the ball bounce a certain number of times before it could be caught.  The trick to getting the most bounces out of your ball was to slam it into the ground as hard as you could so that the first bounce would go nice and high, leaving plenty of room for multiple follow up bounces.  I had fun, but each time it was my turn to bounce the ball I thought about what a great workout I was getting for my arms.  I am an adult, thinking about the workout.  Levi is a kid,  having fun.  I'm positive he never thought of the ball game as exercise...just fun. 

This morning I was watching some Ellen episodes I had on the DVR from the past two weeks and during the commercial breaks there are weather updates from the local news station.  I've been so busy at work that I didn't even realize we had tornado watches recently and I completely forgot about the snow we had last weekend.  Now it's in the 80's and bea-u-ti-ful!  The windows are open and there is a breeze blowing through the house.  I heard the birds outside and someone down the block mowing the grass.  What a great day to be alive!

Put aside the to-do list and enjoy the beautiful weather while it's here!