Ten words for 2010

I just took advantage of this fun application on Facebook to discover the top 10 words used by me in my status updates. 

10. Morning - I'm not really sure why morning would be in here, other than I am a morning person so perhaps that has reflected in my updates.  Most likely I was probably writing about what I would be doing in the morning in most of those posts. 

9. Love - No complaints about having love in my top 10!  I just wish it had ranked a little higher.  There is always room for more love!

8. Know - Probably because I KNOW everything...or like to pretend I do.  Maybe because I want to know things? 

7.  Night - This one makes me laugh because I often say "good night" to the facebook world, like anyone really cares that I'm going to bed.  Thank you facebook for letting me pretend that people actually care about my sleeping patterns.

6. Cupcakes - I have fallen in love with sweet treats this year which is no surprise to anyone around me.  Considering that two of my top five most viewed blog posts are about cupcakes, I think some of you have joined me for the sugary ride.  Cupcakeries are popping up all over Kansas City, but I have a feeling my cupcake craze will come to a close in the next year.  For now I am still in love with the variety of flavors in these personal sized cakes. 

5. Cupcake - See above!  Thank goodness I added the "s" every once in a while so that these would stay numbers 5 and 6 instead of taking over the top spot!  Yes, I'm pretending that they are two complete different words, because I don't want to admit I talk about them THAT much (even if I know it's true). 

4. Don't - I'm not really sure about this one, but my first thought was that it was such a depressing, negative word to have so close to the top.  Then I started using "don't" in a variety of sentences and realized all of my sentences were positive, so I guess....don't judge a word until you've heard the whole sentence. 

3. Eat - Eat cupcakes?  Perhaps I think about food a lot... 

2. Need - this is because I'm an exaggerator.  I NEED things all the time.  I need a nap.  I need a massage.  I need a cupcake.  I need a day off.  I need a book to read.  I replace the word want with need a little too often. 

1. Troy - I would have been shocked if any other word had been in the top spot.  Troy is often the one causing my laughter, reminding me to celebrate the sweet moments, and putting a smile on my face.  He is the best part of my life and I would have been disappointed to see him anywhere but in first place!

Words I am a little shocked didn't make the list:

This list made me think about what I am putting out there for the world to read.  I would like to see need, don't, and know move down, or off the list.  I hope that when I take this next year Troy is still at the top and that love has moved up the list.  I would also love to see the word sweet make my list.  Overall I am happy with my top ten and there is nothing that I am embarrassed to discover about the words I, perhaps, overuse. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if there were a list for the words we actually speak?  I would like to see and review that list once a month to check in with myself and see if my glass has been half full or half empty. 

It is very rare that I participate in any facebook applications or games, but I KNEW this one was promising and that I NEEDed to take it.  Sweet moment: seeing Troy's name in the top spot!!!