Not to be forgotten

Sweet Memories from 2010
  • Celebrating New Years exactly a year ago and Brylly was still small enough that we let him crawl around on the dining room table as we all surrounded it and took turns calling his name.  He is way to big to be doing that now!
  • Filling a whole door with envelopes to save money for our trip to St. Louis
  • Getting a visit from the Loofah Fairies!
  • Back and forth debate on whether or not we are cut out to be dog owners
  • 2 Nicholas Sparks movies in 1 year
  • Most amount of snow I can remember seeing in a very long time, including a snow storm on the first day of Spring!
  • The tulips I planted in the fall bloomed on Easter morning!
  • Hours upon hours spent looking for tiny bottles hidden in the woods with Shelly and Troy.  We fell in love with geocaching in 2010!!!
  • Brylly turns one and 2 days later Emery is born :)
  • Levi got baptized
  • 4 days of acting like newlyweds in St. Louis
  • Girls day at the K with Shelly
  • Brian and Vicki got married and we all celebrated in their back yard
  • Dad's chosen seat in the corner on Father's Day
  • Husband Appreciation Day with an action movie, bowling, and pizza
  • We built a deck
  • Watching fireworks from our driveway
  • Groupon
  • Becoming local celebrities when an article was written about us for the paper
  • Troy's schedule got changed and we start getting home a whole hour earlier
  • I discovered 3 Girls Cupcakes
  • Played at Coco Keys with Levi and Issac
  • Race for the Cure on a hot Sunday morning
  • Mini golf and Karate Kid outing with the boys before Issac headed back home
  • I attended cupcake camp and won the cupcake eating contest
  • Grilling mini burgers on our new deck with Brian and Vicki
  • Double date night with Shelly and Bryan at a kids water park
  • Built a fence
  • Babysat Emery for the first time
  • Family time in Iowa to celebrate birthdays
  • Awards banquet for work at Ameristar
  • Jack-o-lantern pancakes with Levi
  • Emery as a chicken :)
  • Starting this blog
  • Applying for the Good Mood Blogger
  • Trying 7 new cupcake places this year
  • Volunteering at Della Lamb
  • Random dinner nights with my parents
  • Christmas Caroling
  • Watching movies on the loveseat with Troy


  1. Hi Misty,
    I just discovered your blog (I had been following your old one) and am making my way through your posts.

    I'm honored that Brian & I made your list twice! We love hanging out with you two. One of my favorite memories from 2010 is playing Dance Central and watching the boys dance!


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