Judging a book....

I am terrible about judging a book by it's cover....literally.  I love to read but I have to be drawn in by the cover of the book before I will even give the words inside a chance to be read.  I prefer books with light colors (they seem happier than dark)  and a pretty font and/or picture.  I am also partial to hard back.  A paperback just doesn't feel right to me and when given a choice I will almost always go for the hard version. 

Troy brought a few books into this marriage; plays, history stuff, and John Grisham.  I have many books and have read them over and over (lots of love stories, but other stuff too). Every time I go to the bookshelf to look for something to read I quickly skip over the dark paperbacks by Grisham.  That's not my style!

A few months ago I was desperate for something to read and didn't have time to go to the library.  With a scowl on my face I shoved the dreary black book into my bag and went to work.  It would get me through my lunch hour and then I could go to the library after work and get something more cheerful to read. 

I loved the book.  I wanted to cover it rainbow stickers to brighten up the outside, but the inside was great!

I have had a small collection of John Grisham books sitting on my bookshelf, begging to be read for years.  They smell musty and the pages are not a bright white anymore, but I am looking past the physical and finally enjoying what's been waiting for me inside.  Today I started reading my second Grisham book and am ashamed to admit I still questioned my choice as I looked at the cover.  I am 25 pages into it and smacking myself for once again judging a book by it's cover. 

If I judge books so quickly and find it this difficult to break the habit, how much am I doing it with people and how hard will that habit be to break?  I'm breaking down those walls one book cover at a time, because you have to start somewhere.  Today I smiled as I finished up two short chapters and remembered that I do like John Grisham.