Making progress?

My first attempt at making my own wreath

Find the Sparkle without the Stress....that's the goal, remember?  Christmas is getting closer and while I am doing a good job of ignoring the stress I am struggling to find the sparkle.  I can not find the motivation to put up our tree, or get out any of the decorations.  The above wreath is the only Christmas item I have out and that's just because it's new and it made more sense to hang it up than put it in the garage with the rest of our decorations.  My cup is 1/2 full (or is it 1/2 empty?) and I'm still working on filling it up the rest of the way. 

I have begun my Christmas shopping and am about 1/2 way done.  I have been listening to Christmas music in the car and singing along, even when I'm not feeling it.  I bought some cute HO HO HO paper because I love wrapping presents and thought this would help with my motivation.  I walk down the holiday aisle every time I go in a store and force myself to look at all the cute, festive things on display.  I've researched Christmas cookie recipes, and given some serious thought to what we are going to eat for Christmas dinner (I want mexican). 

I am not stressed, but I am still not sparkling.

I am declaring tomorrow C day.  I will put up the Christmas tree and hang each ornament with care.  The nativity scene will come out of it's box and be put on display where it belongs.  That random strand of red Christmas lights will find a home on top of my fireplace, and I will do my best to plug them in every night.  I will start using my Christmas plates for dinner time and make hot chocolate just so I can drink it out of a snowman mug.  Christmas will find it's way into our house tomorrow.

The sparkle hasn't found me...yet.  It's coming, I know it is.