Christmas on weheartit

I had a little bit of free time today (ok, a lot of free time) and I was obsessively looking at Christmas photo's on weheartit.  Here are some of my favorite photo's I wanted to share. 

I enjoy wrapping presents, and putting pretty bows on top.  I am guilty of spending more time choosing a wrapping paper than I did choosing the gift.  There have been years that I have stood inside Target for close to an hour trying to make a decision on wrapping paper.  In the end it all gets thrown away with barely a glance at the paper.  This year I only spent 15 minutes picking out paper and it looks just as pretty under the tree as each previous year did.  Saved myself a lot of time/stress :)  Will I remember the less stressful wrapping experience when next year rolls around?

Isn't this gingerbread house beautiful?  I made a gingerbread house with Levi several years ago, but it looked nothing like this.  I imagine it would be a fun tradition to decorate one of these houses every year.  It would be fun to show them off at the family Christmas party and see the creative ways everyone decorated theirs.  (I just loved this picture too much to not include it in this post!)

Hello Sparkle!  I love the super sparkly ornaments that have been all the rage the past couple years and would love to decorate my tree with lots of glitter!  After focusing on "find the sparkle without the stress" this holiday season, sparkly ornaments have taken on a whole new meaning for me. 

We were so excited when we moved into a house with a (fake) fireplace.  We were so disappointed when we couldn't figure out how to hang our stockings on the odd shaped mantle we have.  For now we hang them on our entertainment center, and it just doesn't have the same feel as those hanging by the glowing fire.  I think our huge mantel is great, until it comes time to decorate.  One of these years we will get it figured out and then we will look back and laugh at where we have them now. 

This is the best use of candy canes I can think of!  Turn those toothpaste flavored candies into a symbol of love!  Pass them out as you stand under the mistletoe ;)

Did you leave cookies and milk for Santa when you were a kid?  We always did, although I don't believe Santa was ever lucky enough to get something this fancy!  These are the kind of cookies professional cake decorators leave out.  Normal people like me whip up a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies, or maybe even some of those ready to bake cookies in the refrigerator section at the grocery store.  Plenty of people just leave oreo's out so Santa can dunk them in the milk.  I'm sure he appreciates the extra effort that went into these little masterpieces.  I just hope he never expects to see them at my house. 

Troy and I are celebrating our family (of 2) Christmas tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.  I am very excited to have a whole holiday day just for us, to celebrate the way we want to.  Saturday and Sunday will be spent with our families, but tomorrow is for us.  I feel pretty confident there will be another blog post tomorrow evening, so check back!