Thankful Thursday 02-14-13


  • Valentine's week - when it's ok to doodle hearts on everything.  
  • Our amazing Sunday school kids telling me to put on my "sassy pants" before talking to the whole congregation.  
    • How well the kids themselves did during our portion of the service.  
  • New jewelry every day this week thanks to my Paparazzi Accessories party.
  • Reaching a goal that we've been working towards for months.
  • Sleeping until the alarm goes off.  
  • I love when my boss allows me to make the decision on what needs to be ordered (and from where).  It feels good to know that she trusts me and my opinions.  
  • I'm not big on celebrating Valentine's day, but I sure do love all the hearts, pink, red, and lovey-dovey stuff all over the place.  It's all so girly and happy!
  • Early mornings.  I love being out and about while everyone else is still asleep.  I love driving by houses with just one light on and imagining a parent quietly getting ready for work without waking the kids.  I love walking into work with all the lights still off - work is different place first thing in the morning.  I love the quiet, the stillness, and even the smell of early mornings.  

Happy Valentine's Day!