Forgiveness...and a giveaway!

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31 Days of Forgiveness (through the eyes of grace) by Tracie Stier-Johnson

Forgiveness is not something I have ever struggled with...or so I thought.

Recently I realized that the reason I am struggling with one person in my life is because of forgiveness. I have said many times (to myself and others) that we need to forgive for ourselves because we get more from releasing that anger than the other person does. Often times they do not even realize they are waiting for our is simply moving forward for them, while we are stuck in the past.

I did not understand why this person would not forgive me. I was spending way too much each and every day near tears (and in tears) waiting for forgiveness.

Recently a blog friend, Tracie Stier-Johnson,  asked if I would read her new book and consider writing a review about it. The title of the book....31 Days of Forgiveness. I had been praying every single day for God to help me find peace and then this book drops into my lap. As I look back on it now it should not be a surprise that the very first thing I highlighted in the book was "You know how God prepares us for something? We may not know it at the time, but as the days, weeks, months, and years pass we can look back and say, 'Ahhhh, so that's what God had up his sleeve!" I was in the right place (even though it felt like the wrong place) to get the most out of this book.

So what did I get out of this book? I needed to be the one to forgive. It doesn't matter if she gets angry with me again every day - I can't control her emotions. I can control mine. It's not easy, and sometimes I have to remind myself to forgive multiple times a day, but it's helping. It's helping me to stop focusing on how she makes me feel and to remind myself that I am in charge of my own destiny. I make the decision to have a good day or a bad day each morning and part of choosing a good day is to forgive her for all those small insignificant things during the day and let it go.

In the book, on day 20, Tracie talks about how often we need to forgive. She refers to the bible (as she often does throughout the book) where Jesus tells Peter to forgive "seven times seventy"....or as Buzz Lightyear would say "to infinity and beyond!" There is no limit to how often we should forgive someone. Realizing that helped me come to terms with forgiving on a daily basis if needed.

Things are still not perfect, but there is progress. I am selfishly taking the credit for that progress. It is because I am willing to forgive that I am able to move forward. I literally stop and say "I forgive you" when times get tough. Forgiving and moving on has made such a difference in my outlook on the rest of the day.

Forgiveness is a favor we do for someone whether they ask for it or not. Whether we think they deserve it or not. Forgive anyway! There are many times I do not think that she deserves my forgiveness (and trust me, she is not asking for it), but I do it anyway and then I am able to release my anger and the world is a happier place.

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1. A copy of 31 Days of Forgiveness.  Even though I own a Kindle I have a weak spot for real books, and would love to have this one sitting on my side table.  

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Bonus:  31 Days of Forgiveness is available for Kindle on Amazon for FREE for a limited time.  Other reading options can be found on the book's website.

Double Bonus: All the proceeds from this book will go to The Seed Company - a company that translates the bible into the multiple languages around the world.  The paperback version would be a great addition to a church library.

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  1. Timely message for me today, Misty! This is Jenny Kramer....but I don't know how to post any way other that anonymous!!

  2. I started my day with this .... so thank you :)

  3. Great Blog Misty! I need to forgive more and worry less!

  4. I shared on Facebook!

  5. Amazing honey. you. inspire people everyday. I am guessing you know me. :)

  6. Forgiving is hard. It took me 10 or more years to forgive someone that had hurt my family, some days I still cant believe I did but I have to put it in gods hands. I am getting a lot better at forgiveness as I get older. Thank you Misty for another up lifting blog. Shared on Facebook and Twitter (Dell752)

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  9. Thank you for sharing this book! I know several people who could benefit and will pass it on.

  10. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  11. Wow!! This is a story I needed this morning. I have been struggling with forgiveness this week. I learned a long time ago that forgiving and moving on seem to make my life a lot easier and happier but for some reason this week I have been struggling with it. Today I will forgive and move on. Thank you from Shelly :)

  12. Shelly shared on facebook and by email

  13. This is something I struggle with constantly. I come from a background that holds grudges and it has taken me a long time to understand that forgiveness benefits me, not the other person. Thank you for always being an inspiration Misty. I'm thankful to know you.

  14. Hi there sweetness :0) I liked your article.Well done with the blog!

    Here is the link to my new space!

  15. Whether I win the book or not - I'm going to need to get it (probably for my kindle if I don't get the actual book). I'm sure it would help me out a ton!

  16. I love Tracie! So awesome that you are hosting a giveaway of the book!

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